Saturday, April 2, 2011

Creativity at work

When Mati was born, we had just moved and were living in a rental. Subsequently, I never really had the opportunity to decorate a nursery. I finally get my chance with baby #2! We live in a 2 bedroom house, so kidos will be sharing a room. Trying to keep everything "neutral" with a bit of pink and blue flare.

My inspiration came from this picture from a pottery barn kids add. That magazine is amazing, by the way! Pretty expensive, but they have lots of great decorating ideas. This was a room set up for twins, but my kidos will be close enough in age that it still works.

Painted the room grey... well, Blake, his dad and Jay painted it. Thanks Guys! I am way too fat to do that kind of work anymore! I love, love, love the stencil on the wall in this picture! Searched around online to find something similar and came up with this. Added the background, similar to the wall color we chose, to get an image in my head of what it will actually look like. I have to have visuals, or the idea wont stick.

My plan is to blow up the image to about a square foot and print it out. I bought a flimsy plastic dinner place mat that I will trace the image onto and cut out with an exacto knife. To keep the image straight across the entire wall, I will have to poke holes in the four corners of the stencil and line them up each time I move the stencil. (Blake's tip, my hubby is much smarter than me!) I am not sure yet what color to use for the image, but will probably end up with a very light blue, lighter grey, or off white.

The hardwood floors in the nursery are a light oak. We have one of those cheap college dorm rugs in a cream color right now. I'd like to get a better one, but want to stay away from any elaborate patterns because of the wall stencil. Dont want it to look like somebody threw up patterns all over the room (although it might anyway, by the time I am finished). I like the idea of a low-pile shag rug, keeping with the same color. Something soft enough for the baby to lay on, but still vaccuumable (I know its not a word).

Mati is still in the crib, so this one should be interesting. The "plan" is to move Mati to a toddler bed and move the baby into the crib. We have a bassinet in our room that he will sleep in for the first few weeks, but that wont last forever. (I'll let you know later how the new arrangement goes.) I found this bed at walmart on sale for $49. The color matches Mati's crib (which looks almost exactly like the cribs in the pottery barn photo above).

Mati's bedding:

Baby boy's bedding:
I have not purchased the fitted sheets yet, so still debating on color/pattern. All we have is white sheets right now. Again, afraid that adding more patterns might be too much. Especially since Mati's and Baby Boy's blankets dont even come close to matching. Either going to purchase a dark brown pillow to match the color on the boy blanket or make a polka dot one using the color/pattern below. He wont need a pillow for quite a while, so no rush on this one. I wanted to get 2 of the crib skirts shown above, but found out that the I cant put one on the toddler bed. :( So, only the crib gets this one. Its very simple, so hopefully wont be too noticeable.

There are five windows in the nursery. Three are standard sized and we will be using these drapes that we already have from our previous home.

The other two are very small custom windows. I am planning to make the drapes out of a brown and blue damask fabric to match the baby boy blanket.

To offset the "boy" window treatments, I have this mirror that I bought from ikea for Mati's room a long time ago. It will go above the changing table, once the room is all set up.

Another "creative" project I have in mind for the room is two shadow boxes with small white onsies in them. I will have my friend Chelsie embroider the onsies with the names (Mati and tbd on baby boy). They will go above their beds, similar to the frames in the pottery barn picture.

Also, have a diaper stacker from my friends back at AT&T that matches Mati's bedding. Not necessarily wall decor, but it will hang on the closet door by the changing table.

Saved the best for last. I am SOOOO excited about this purchase... and I better be because it was definitely the splurge item of the room. I have been looking for a rocking chair since before Mati was born, but we A. didnt have the money, and B. couldnt find one I wanted. This one comes from pottery barn kids and wasnt cheap! I went into STL to check out the chair at one of their stores and immediately fell in love with it. So comfortable, and versatile, so it will hopefully last beyond the nursery. Unfortunately, it takes a really long time to ship and I waited too long, so wont get it until after the baby is born. Worth the wait, though. I cant wait to get it! I want to put a pillow on the chair to give it a little more "pizzaz." Will either go with the pillow Mati already has or make one out of the same fabric as the curtains.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nearing the End

Mati doesnt have much time left as an only child. She came into this world not only as the first child, but also the first grandchild. As the first grandbaby, she was showered with attention and gifts. How can you not love that little face?

Now, she has been learning to share the spotlight with her cousin Leila. So far, she doesnt seem to mind a little less attention.

Although, that might change when the baby we bring home doesnt go away. And, baby boy Westra wont be the only new face in the crowd. There are five other little boys due within 6 weeks of ours. I guess the spring of 2011 is a pretty popular time... although, it was probably the summer of 2010 that was even more "popular." *wink*wink*

Marissa had a baby shower in February and there were baby bumps galore.
The Zeller clan (and me) left to right...
Therese, due mid May
Me, due early April (31/32 weeks in this photo)
Jess (Aaron's wife), due late March
Marissa, due mid March
Not shown is Alison (cousin Mike's wife), due early May

More baby bumps... My cousin Krissi is due the day after me. Here we are at about 36 weeks, both ready to pop.

Only a few more weeks to go! I'll be back with photos of all the little men soon.

Life will definitely be different for all of us, but what a blessing children are!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Like Daddy

Just like Daddy... Mati LOVES her sweets.

Her friend Andi turned 2 this winter and we went to a little birthday party with presents and cupcakes. Dessert was obviously a big hit.

Just like Daddy... Mati is quite the looker.

She is such a pretty little girl. I know I am biased, but she really is beautiful. In this photo she is wearing a Christmas sweater from Grammy Steinbraker.

Just like Daddy... Mati is way cooler than me!

...and I am pretty sure she already knows it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Fun

OK, trying to play catchup on the blog. I have seriously been slacking since I got pregnant. Thats a valid excuse, right?
Being cooped up inside all winter, I am constantly trying to find new ways to keep Mati busy... and keep myself awake. So, we had our first attempt at coloring, which went pretty well. She tried to eat the crayons as much as actually draw with them, but we eventually got a picture out of it.

Eating the crayons...

"Dont EAT the crayons, Mati" face...


STICKERS! Mati's new passion. You cant see in these photos, but Blake and I are covered from head to toe, as well. She especially loves putting stickers on everybody's faces.

And lets not forget about cleaning. Mati really likes to "help" me with chores these days. Although, I am not sure she is helping, as much as extending the time it takes to complete the task. I love having a little helper around the house, though. It definitely makes cleaning alot more fun.

We moved AGAIN this winter. We had to be out of our old place before Jan 1, so packed everything up just before Christmas. The house we tried to buy was a foreclosure, and it was going to take longer than we were willing to wait. We were basically living there for free for 6 months, but the bank was never able to promise us a closing date, so we left. It was a beautiful old home, and we were sorry to let it go, but too much work and too long of a wait, especially considering we are adding another member to our family soon. Unfortunately, I dont have any photos of the new place yet, but hopefully they will be coming soon.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Past & Christmas Present

Last Christmas...
Mati was only 3 months old last year, and we could hardly keep her awake through the festivities. Looking back at this picture, then jumping forward to our Christmas photo this year (a few entries back), she has changed so much! It is amazing all the changes that take place in one short year. Now Mati can walk and talk, eat grown-up food, voice her opinion, throw temper tantrums. Last year, she could hold her head up, smile and drink milk, and that was about it.

This Christmas...
Was so much fun! Blake and I loved watching her get excited about all her new toys this year. Mati is such a fun little person and loved opening her presents. Actually, I think she may have enjoyed opening them even more than playing with the toys inside. When we first arrived in STL on Christmas Eve, we opened presents at Grandma & Grandpa Williams' (my parents) house. Mati was more intrigued by the bow on top the gift than what was inside. When Grandma set the gift in front of her, she grabbed the bow off the top of the box and ran away.

Even after we convinced her to come back and open it, she still wouldnt give up the bow. Although, the table and chairs was a pretty big hit, as well. They are sitting in our dining room now so Mati can have her own dinner parties when she wants. Thanks G&G Will!

Then, we moved on to Grammy & Grandpa Steinbraker's house for the second round of presents on Christmas morning. Mati was able to share the festivities with her new cousin Leila this year. They even got matching presents.

She really didnt have any problems sharing the attention with Leila, which we were very happy about! She did shower Leila with kisses all morning, though. Not sure how excited Leila was about it, but made for some great photo opportunities.

After that, it was on to the Price family Christmas on Christmas night where Mati received penguins, penguins and more penguins. Here she is holding up her penguin cup and bowl. She also got a penguin pillow pet, penguin book and penguin stuffed animal. For some reason, my grandmother (penguins), mother (frogs) and I (elephants) have our own individual animal fancies, and they get passed down in gifts. I wonder what Mati's will be?

Then, finally, we finished up the holiday with the Williams' family the day after Christmas. (This is what happens when all of your family lives in the same city!) Mati's cousin Alexis was kind enough to share her trampoline with Brooke and Mati while the adults were talking.

Then we opened MORE presents. Hopefully Mati doesnt think it is like this every day of the year!

But, my favorite of all the pictures we took at Christmas this year would have to be the tea party. We spent the night at my cousins' Tim & Krissi's house that night and before the girls all went to bed, we let them play tea party with some of Lexi's Christmas presents. They staid there for a surprisingly long time chatting and drinking their "tea." It will be so much fun to have the girls look back on this years from now!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Party

Some of my friends in Charleston and I decided to get together right before xmas and play dress up with our little ones. We put them in their Christmas outfits and attempted to get a picture of all of them together. Mati was absolutely intrigued by the Christmas tree and shiny ornaments. We havent put ours up yet, and she was too little to remember from last year. I couldnt keep her away! Every time I turned around, she had another ornament off the tree. After several scoldings, she finally started to listen... reluctantly. This is her "I'm not touching the ornaments" face. She can be a stinker, but its so cute! Very difficult to put on a stern face when she looks at me like that.

But, eventually, we all gave in and let them hold ornaments in hopes that they would stand still long enough for us to get a picture. Mati really wanted to share her ornament with baby Lainie.

Thanks again to digital photographs, we were able to get a shot of all the kids sitting and at least facing the general direction of the camera. 3 of us were taking photos, and I think this might be one of the only good ones we got. I had to photoshop Angela's hand out of the picture, which you can still see a little of. She was directing the children while the rest of us were shooting frantically for a good photo.

I meet with these moms and kidos on a pretty regular basis for "play dates." Although, they might be play dates for us as much as for our kids! It is so wonderful to have friends in the same stage of life to get together with. I am so thankful to have them! It made the transition to living here so much easier.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Card

This is the picture we used for our xmas card this year. Thanks to the wonderful world of digital photography, we were able to get one picture of Mati actually looking at the camera smiling... and about 10 of her trying to wiggle away. We took the photo just before leaving for our annual xmas concert with Blake's fam. Sadly, Mati didnt get to join us in this activity, but we dressed her up to go to Grandma & Grandpa Williams' house anyway. I'm sure she had more fun there than critiquing the St. Louis symphony!

Merry Christmas!

If you didnt get an xmas card, I apologize. Being 6 months pregnant, my mind has been in a fog lately! Send me your address and I'll make sure you get one next year.